Introduction to Sustainability


The World is a labyrinth and so is our brain. wrapped around millions of routes, paths and puzzles which constantly tries to find a way out. A way out to reach a goal or destination. Could be a physical one, and also a mental or social one. We are all busy in mazing around. And throughout the entire process, we learn and lose a lot in the form of knowledge and experience

After years of working in corporate and gaining a professional edge,  the only thing I got was money, bills, credit cards, drunken weekends, pollution, contaminated water, a discussion about my friend’s children suffering from lung infections, flu, virus etc due to the constant degrading environment. Stress levels are the epitome, the constant noise of computer clicks, phones ringing, vehicles honking, people screaming, uncalled rain and cyclones, obesity and cholesterol, medical pills and thermometers now and then. I saw everyone around me confined to their insecurities with money, food and materialism.

It was nearly the breakdown.I found myself far away from my clan and became socially unacceptable.With my ideas of saving the environment, helping communities, cleaning the ocean, caring for nature, zero-waste living and adopting minimalism, my fellow mates saw no less than upcoming comedian and found satire in me.  It was nothing less than a psychotic breakdown. one fine morning at the office, in my conference room, the only thing I wished to do was pick up the Avaya phone and throw it towards the glass window and break it. hammer down everything around me and desperately pray for an apocalypse. I wanted the world to end.

It was indeed an existential crisis. and I needed to get out. And then Chevening happened. I got an opportunity to study environment in the UK for a year. And so it began. Quit the job at 28, get admission in a university and back to school days. Definitely, I was not quite normal for my clan, where everybody was getting married, engaged, having babies one after another, getting a promotion and climbing the corporate ladder, there I was, packing my bags to travel to the UK and going back to school.

My school of sustainability and my journey for a year.


This Blog is an effort to Penn down all those reflections which came across this journey. I do not have a mind palace neither do I have an eidetic mind to store and remember everything. Hence, this serves my little treasure trove of memories, experiences, lessons, interactions, exchanges and stories.

Hence, I try to bring back those fading memories and refresh and reflect it here as I make them alive and find my eudaimonic happiness in the transience.

My school of Sustainability!!